Shakuhachi - piano DUET with Lydia DOMANCICH
(compositions of the duet)

Shakuhachi, emblematic instrument of Japan
A bamboo flute, A five holes tube
A sound made out of one breath
An instrument of simple construction
but sophisticated playing techniques.
The piano, an instrument of complexe construction
which can also provide the essential.
…Breaths and strikes of the bamboo; Playing with keys and strings inside the piano…

CD SILLAGE ("Wake"), 2015
Music of the film ”Mode d’Evasion” made by Laurent Chevallier and Sakina M'SA (DVD 2019)

(composition created at the World Shakuhachi Festival, Londres 2018)

Lydia Domancich and Véronique Piron voluntarily made the choice to compose music, halfway between traditional music and contemporary music, respectfull of the spirit of the shakuhachi as much as that of the piano. From improvisation to composition, as a painting made of lines and points, full and empty spaces,
together they build each landscape, each atmosphere, each piece, many suggestive titles for a travel.