icone-selection3INTRODUCTION to JAPANESE MUSIC - workshop, master-class

This part is dedicated to Music Schools, Conservatoriums, and Higher Education
for traditional music or instrumental (flutes, wind instruments) classes, and ensembles

- Flutists and wind instruments players : the Shakuhachi
What special features of playing a flute made of 5 playing holes, built on a pentatonic?
How from one’s own instrument, metal or wood flute or other wind instrument,
can we appropriate the playing technics of this bamboo flute?

- To musicians : Japanese Music
What special features for this Japanese music?
Japanese ”music” or Japanese ”music-s”?
What about the use of modes?
What about the exploitation of time and pulsation?
What relation to sound texture and musical gesture?

- An approach using practice :
phrasing, playing technics, melodies, pieces, repertoire(s)
using imitation, improvisation, scores and notations

icone-selection4 Shakuhachi initiation workshop

icone-selection4 Concert - Lecture

The major genres of Japanese music seen through the prism of its bamboo flutes
(horizontal flutes tryuteki, nohkan, shinobue, and shakuhachi, vertical flute)